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Subie Girl

Issue: I have an Excel spreadsheet that will be used as a record of an individuals training in areas from "production" to "how to access employee information on-line". I've given the blank form a number, e.g., HRTF-6.2-001 30-60-90 Training Record; then HR adds department specific training headers to each column in the form layout and names it, 30-60-90 Training Record - Press Operator - Blue. This will be done for several other areas, e.g., maintenance, tool and die. Once HR has the different forms for each area, they will use it to evaluate each employee in that area and save it in the employee's HR folder.

1. Do I create a blank form/template number as shown above? They would be able to use it to create any additional department specific training records.
2. Do I give each department specific form a revision page for tracking changes to the department form (headers, etc.)?
3. Or should I give each department specific form a different form number?

I understand that there is a basic form and once it is filled in and they name it that becomes the record. Form number stays they same. I guess what's bothering me is tracking the revisions on my TS Master List; revisions to each department form (header titles) or is that something HR would be responsible for keeping up with?

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Re: Form and Form/Record Numbering

When I make Excel templates to share in the Cove's attachments, I always try to include the advice to the effect of: "First thing! save this document as another name in case you accidentally delete a formula." The date of save becomes the revision date in the files. I do keep a number of versions, going back in the years in which I made significant changes that affect features, function or usability.

This is a kind of risk based thinking, which is the premise for revision control in forms - keeping a template. The questions are: what can go wrong? Does it matter? If so, how critical is it? Does the form include instructions and/or parameters and/or critical formulas (Excel)?

If a simple matrix is used to record training I struggle to understand why the template would need revision control. Is HR allowed to add names and training items? If so, this sounds like a living document and the entries themselves become the record. The entries can be revision protected through consistent use of the Track Changes feature in Excel. :2cents:


Re: Form and Form/Record Numbering

Do what works best for you, but make it simple. Let the basic form be really basic so as to give more liberty for each department. Its good to train all the department users that basic form what you make, and have a common understanding about what details goes into which cell. Consult the users and get the agreement before you push out the form for use.
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