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Captain Nice
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There has been a fair amount of interest in a monthly newsletter. In the past I have been afraid of a news letter because I don't want anyone to associate spam with my web site. So.... I have formulated an 'initial' e-mail which I plan to send to all registered users. I would appreciate your comments before I send it. It reads:
Hello from the Elsmar Cove!

Hi! My name is Marc Smith. I'm the fellow who has kept the Elsmar Cove web site online since January 1996.

I am writing you because:

1. Many people have registered over the years in the forums. Many have come and gone and their e-mail addressed are long 'dead'. I want to mark them as such in the user database. To know which e-mail addresses are dead, I have to e-mail each registered visitor and see if the e-mail bounces.

2. I am considering sending out a monthly news letter. Many people have expressed an interest in a monthly 'Elsmar Cove' news letter. In this e-mail, at this time, I want to tell you beforehand how to 'opt out' from receiving any future mailings. I hate spam, as I'm sure you do. The last thing I want is for anyone to think they *have* to receive the newsletter. So - You registered in the Elsmar Cove forums. All you have to do is go to your *User Options* ( ), scroll down to *Messaging & Notification* block under which you will see *Receive Email* and then below that *Receive Email from Administrators* with a check box. If you 'uncheck' that box you will not receive the newsletter.

Now - If you use that link and you erased cookies since your last visit, or if you did not have 'Remember Me' checked, it will ask you for your user name and password because the software will not recognize you.

Your user name: If you've forgotten, it is $username

Your e-mail address is $email - If you would like to change where you receive e-mail, please go to:

If yu have forgotten your password, go to this page:
The e-mail address you first registered with will be required. If it has changed, e-mail me at and I'll help you.

While I hope you don't 'opt out' from the news letter (it will be short and to the point without 'bloat'), I'll understand if you do. You can always opt out at any time, so I do hope you'll wait for the first news letter before you do so.

I don't want to make this long - But I do want to bring to your attention an article by Allan J. Sayle Titled "Towards a global cyber institute". The thread is

I want to thank you for reading this and if you have any trouble with the 'opt out' process, e-mail me at: and I'll help you.


Marc Smith
Your suggestions and/or comments?

Greg B


I think it is a great idea. I don't think everyone reads the 'Stickys' when they should so important info may be missed. :agree1:

Jim Howe

I like the idea, but as you are aware the company spam blocker does not permit me to receive e-mail threads from the cove. I am hoping the newsletter will come through but if it doenot please do not erase me!

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