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Forum User Name - Choosing a forum User Name (aka 'handle' or 'screen name')


Captain Nice
Staff member
This is a sub-requirement of the Elsmar Cove Forums TOS.

Forum User Name - Choosing a forum User Name
  • No company Forum User Names. You can and may put a company name in as your "User Title" in your User Options after you register.
  • No web site names.
  • No 'special' characters such as @ / ? # $ % ^ & etc.
  • No email addresses.
  • No vulgarity or profanity.
Under no circumstances should any Cove member make a public post regarding a suspected violation of this Forum User Name policy. Such a post will only disrupt the thread it is in. Please Contact us or use the "Report"link which appears at the bottom of each post on the left.

If you see a violation, and you think it is 'significant', Please Contact us. The moderators and I are notified of the Report and a discussion thread is started in the Moderator's forum where we will discuss the Forum User name. If the Report is valid, we will contact the person and effect a Forum User name change.

NOTE: Forum user names is NOT a significant problem. But, it has come up, thus this clarification policy.
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