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Forums - "Watching" One or More Forums for New Threads and New Posts

Forum Watch Options

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Captain Nice
Staff member
One of the things that was bothering me was I wanted to "Watch" various forums for New Threads and New Posts. I would always get these options:


It was presenting me with an "either - or" option for New Threads OR New Posts. I found out why. The Default is set for the "either or" in the software. This wouldn't be an issue in starting a new forum and setting up each forum individually assuming the person knew the Xenforo software well enough.

During the import of the old vBulletin forums, the import defaulted to "either or". To change this I had to go to every forum (XF calls them "nodes") and change this setting:


The Default was "New Messages". I expected to get a different "Options" box. I did, in a way. I get a different box, but it has no options at all.


It just has a "Watch" button.

I assume, at this point, that choosing to "Watch" a forum now will now put both New Posts and New Threads in your Alerts notifications, and I assume it will also send you an email. I haven't verified that yet. I do believe that whether or not it sends you an email will follow your user preferences for emails.

What This Means to You

IF you have already set up a "Watch" for a forum, the blue "Watch" link on the right should read "Unwatch". If you want to be sure you will now get notifications for both New Threads and New Posts in Threads, click the "Unwatch" link. It will ask if you are sure you want to do that. The obvious choice is Yes. Then the "Unwatch" will change to "Watch". Click the "Watch" link again. This should reset your Watch options to both. NOTE: I expected the software to give Options of New Threads or New Posts or Both. I could not find a way to do that so I assume it's all or nothing. So it goes.

To those of you who already are monitoring/Watching one or more forum(s): Remember that you don't have to think about going through a bunch of forums to change your Watch Options. You are already getting notifications so when you get an email or Alerts notification and go to a forum you can change it then.

NOTE: 1 Remember - This is applicable to "Watching" an entire forum. If you Watch a forum you will get notices of new posts in threads you have not participated in.

NOTE 2: This is different than Watching New Posts in a Discussion Thread that you either started or posted in or was reading and used the "Watch" link in the thread to specifically "Watch" the thread even though you had not posted in the thread. Remember, the option for that is in your User Preferences. See Content Options. The Default is for all to be checked. You might want to take a minute right now to verify that the options you want are set how you want them.


NOTE 3: I do not know how this will play out. Some of you may prefer the original settings. Give things a week or so. Watch and if you do not like the new settings, Reply in this discussion thread and give me your feedback on this change. I can change back to the original Options.

As I experiment with this I am tempted to change all the forums back to the default "New Messages (Posts)" option.

Note that the posted Poll is a Public Poll where your forum User Name will be publicly shown - This will help me evaluate who this interests.

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