Four NBs now designated under the MDR - August 2019


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Yes, that's what the "In addition..." is about. Three are listed, but the EC update says it has designated four. I don't know how long it takes for a newly designated NB to get from counted in the update to listed in NANDO, but given all the hysteria, I would guess the fourth will be posted to the NANDO database soon.

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Just a quick correction, the EC does not designate NBs. Each country CA does. That's the reason of the delays on appearing on Nando. The update on joint assessment mentions:

5 Designating authority final reports
  • 4 JAT opinion issued + 1 in preparation
  • 4 MDCG recommendations

This means that 4 are at the stages that they can be designated by CAs. But the CAs have to do it. When they do it, the EC updates Nando.
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Yes, I misspoke (I knew that!) and that explains why there is a delay inherent in the process. Also seems like it would be good to allow time for the CA to notify the newly designated NB before it shows up in NANDO, so as to have a chance to brace themselves for the tsunami.

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