Framework for Establishing Quality Objectives - ISO9001 Clause 5.3 Quality Policy


June Ang - 2005


I have one question on 5.3 Quality Policy. I always facing the same problem - how actually a policy can help us in item c) provides a framework for establishing quality objectives?

Most of the policies i have seen are quite general (including my company one) and i doubt will a policy with general statement can provides a framework for us to set the objectives & targets for a particular year? As the policy with general statement is generally applicable or suitable for many many years, i.e. 5 years without any review. In that case, the same objectives can be last for 5 years too. Right?

I have a QEHS Policy here, can i have your comments? Is this policy statement adequate to provide a framework for setting objectives?

Your comments are very much appreciated. Thank you very much.


XXX Company is committed to delivering products, processes and services that always fulfil the expectations of our customers, society and the environment by employing the following principles :

(a) Leadership
Our top management will establish the unity of purpose and direction of organization by demonstrating their leadership, commitment and active involvement in developing, implementing and managing the company’s QEHS Management System.

(b) Customer Satisfaction
We will enhance the customer satisfaction through competitive price, excellent product quality and on time delivery.

(c) Compliance of Legal & Other Requirements
We will abide by and comply with all the applicable laws, regulations, policies, standards and code of practices related to construction, quality, environment, and health & safety.

(d) Prevention of Defects, Pollution & Accidents
We will plan, design, execute and complete all operations in a manner that prevent and minimize defects, pollution and accidents.

(e) Involvement & Competence of People
We will expand programs for effective training and involvement of employees and suppliers to promote team awareness and competence in order to ensure that they are able to carry out work in a way that is compatible with good QEHS performance.

(f) Continual Improvement
We will continuously seek opportunities to improve the QEHS performance of the company by setting annual QEHS objectives, implementing action plan, measuring performance and reviewing these on an annual basis.
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June Ang - 2005

Hi Jim, thanks for your reply.

Yes, you are right that the policy could be a long term view and not need to be specific.

My environmental policy was commented by an auditor before that the policy doesn't really serve a purpose of providing the framework for setting objectives. And she also commented that the same policy can be applied to other companies after changing the name of company and type of industry as long as the company can understand and they are able to implement it.

I agreed with her comments and i was trying to improve this as i always can come out with many objectives to implement the policy and then i have to re-select a few from these without further/ clear/ specific direction.

Taking the same example, should the policy be revised into "We will enhance the customer satisfaction through excellent product quality" rather than the commitment on "price, quality & time" togther???

What do you think?

Carl Exter


Just my opinion but I believe that you have an excellent quality policy. The important thing is that it is not just words, but truly the goal of the executive management of the company. I could see how this quality policy could remain unchanged for 10 years and yet always yield new quality objectives designed to achieve the policy. That's really the key thing.

Best of luck.


Ms June Ang,

You are doing an excellent job.

As commented by the other member, as long as the policy satisfy the requirements of the specs, the auditor should not comment on the fine points.

As to customer satisfaction, if the organization does offer competitive pricing, excellent product and deliver on time, I feel that there is no harm for the management to declare so in the policy.

Keep up the good works!
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