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Below is a link to a Free Food Safety Webinar presented by SAI-global.
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"This is a free webinar.

The development of the IFS standard was based on ever-rising demands of consumers, increasing liabilities of retailers and wholesalers, increasing legal requirements, and the globalization of product supply. All of these points made it essential to develop a uniform quality assurance and food safety standard.

Basic objectives of the International Food Standard include:
• Establishing a common standard with a uniform evaluation system,
• Working with accredited certification bodies who manage a pool of well-qualified and approved auditors,
• Ensuring comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain, and
• Reducing costs and time for both suppliers and retailers.
• Structure/Recognition

The IFS is divided into four main sections: audit protocol, technical requirements (which includes senior management responsibility, quality management system, resource management, etc), requirements for accreditation bodies, certification bodies and auditors, and reporting.

The IFS program is recognized by the Global Food Safe Initiative (GFSI), and is also specified worldwide by many retail chains.

In this live complimentary Webinar sponsored by QMI-SAI Global you will be provided with an overview of the standard presented by George Gansner, Global Marketing and Business Development Manager for the Americas at IFS and will also learn:

• History of the scheme (background) and present status
• More about the content and requirements of IFS
• How can your business benefit from certification against the scheme
• Road to Certification
• Q&A

IFS Food Safety Certification - GFSI - Live Webinar

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM EDT"

Link to register:


I am not employed by or affiliated with QMI-SAI Global.

They also have many other free webinars on their site.
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INFO: The International Food Standard (IFS) has been approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative and is specified as a contractual requirement by a growing number of German and French retailers who no longer accept the BRC Global Standard - Food Certification. The standard is almost identical to the BRC standard, a few additions. The difference is that in IFS you get a score.

There are 5 essential clauses:

1. HACCP - Determine a manageable amount of CCPs that are relevant for the specific sector.
2. HACCP - Establish a system to monitor control of thr CCPs, records shall be maintained. The defined CCPs shall be under control.
3. Management Commitment - The Organization's directors shall ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities and mechanisms are in place to monitor the effectiveness of their operation.
4. Traceability - The organization shall demonstrate the ability to trace each product backward to processing plant and raw material organizations, and forwards to delivery point.
5. Corrective Action - Corrective Actions shall be undertaken in a timely manner to prevent further occurrence of non conformity.
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