Free software similar to Microsoft Project - Any suggestion?


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Hi folks!
I AM looking for a frete software similar to PROJECT, for frete for timming plans. One if i change a week automatically postpone the LinkedIn tasks.

Do you have a good reference?

Thank you a lot!


One may use Excel to generate Gantt Charts; Visio has that capability, too.

Good luck!

Ron Rompen

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Although MS Project is a nice package, you can do the same thing with Excel - takes a little bit of time to get your cell formatting right, and to figure out just how you want to present it, but with the cost of new software, depending on your budget it might be worth looking into.

I have found that Excel can be used to replace MANY of the 'off the shelf' software packages for program management, gage control, document control, etc. Just takes a bit of imagination, and a bit of work to set it up.
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