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Is there any free statistical software as an alternative to MiniTab or NWA? My company (small business) doesn't to purchase the high subscription from MiniTab. Please help. FYI - I currently use Gage RR, SQC, Ctrl Charts, and other tools to perform PT of Labs. Thanks for any input.


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It's not free, but SigmaZone has decent software packages at prices ~ $500 and under. You can pick the package(s) that have what you need and no extra baggage. I have used the Quantum XL package and like it. These are for single-user, perpetual licenses, and are Excel add-ins, so they are fairly easy to learn.

Otherwise you would have to go with R or Python. They are free, but are based on command language and are difficult to learn.


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There are free licenses for "R" and its user interface "RStudio". I love it, however, you will need to learn the programming basics. It's not a "click-able solution", but definitely worth the effort.

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I am an ASQ member, and I encourage people who would benefit to join their respective professional society.

I know American Society of Quality has several Excel-based templates, available free to the public, which cover the tools you listed. There are limitations, "you get what you pay for", but perhaps these will help.

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I agree - although Minitab is a nice 'click and go' package, there is NOTHING in it that you can't do in Excel (as long as you take the time to develop the template documents) Google 'Free Statistical Excel Templates' as a start.


Probably long forgotten thread but I am currently using JASP, it has some good capabilities but depends on what you are trying to achieve. Its free so you can give it a go.
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