Freedom of Speech? Microsoft prohibits anti-ms speech


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Freedom of Speech?


Posted by CmdrTaco on Friday September 21, @11:34AM - from the on-and-on-and-on dept.

A mild controvery occured yesterday in a story claiming Microsoft prohibits anti-ms speech if you use Frontpage. Here is a followup submitted by Reyacta from the original author: "Several readers have told me their EULA for FrontPage 2002 does not contain the no-disparaging-MS term, or that the term only applies to the FrontPage logo or to the Web components like the MSNBC news headline component. Just to be sure, this afternoon I went down to the store and bought a copy of FrontPage 2002 myself. In the box was the "Microsoft Frontpage 2002" license on a four-page folded sheet, titled "End- User License Agreement For Microsoft Software." Under Section #1, Grant of License, the second paragraph headed "Restrictions" states in part: "You may not use the Software in connection with any site that disparages Microsoft, MSN, MSNBC, Expedia, or their products or services, infringe any intellectual property or other rights of these parties, violate any state, federal or international law, or promote racism, hatred or pornography." (Not only a stunning example of legal overreaching, in my opinion, but very poor grammar as well.) It appears to me to clearly apply to use of the program as a whole and not just the logo or Web components. I suspect that there are different versions of the EULA of FrontPage 2002. Perhaps the license was updated for the most recent SKU, or versions obtained through different channels don't yet have it. I'm going to try to get Microsoft to clarify where this EULA does and doesn't appear, but I'm not sure they will be very anxious to provide me with that information.
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Do we really care about warnings?


Do I care about the warnings that forbid burning a CD or copying of any type of a MS Program? There are all types of warnings and verbal restrictions all over the place from all software manufacturers. Yet, they are copied and shared at will. Remember the "Federal Violation" if you copied a VHS VCR tape? Now, the cable networks tell you what time to set your VCR. The warning still appears about copy rights. I would really be concerned if MS can implement that system in your earlier post regarding the "re-activation" requirement that permits them to search the web for unauthorized use of their programs. (They have to catch you at it) That, to me, is a real security and privacy issue. (I know, that's another thread.) I call it kind of a civil disobedience, but, it's also about stealing. I have mixed emotions on that. On one hand, I want it because a friend offered me the disc, for free. (Greed). On the other hand, if I sold it, I would want compensation. (Greed) Did I get off the subject here? It's late and I'm rambling. Have a great weekend.

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Fully vaccinated are you?
You're talking about a copyright issue. This says you cannot, for example, make and publish a web page which in any way:

> disparages Microsoft, MSN, MSNBC, Expedia, or their
> products or services, infringe any intellectual property
> or other rights of these parties

Of course you can do it, if that is your point - you can publish a web page that says "Microsoft Sucks!" with Microsoft Frontpage, but technically you're liable to suit by Microsoft. You'd be surprised how far Microsioft has gone. They have even gone so far as to state that open source software is un-American and communistic.




I stand dejected, no I mean corrected. You, as the pilot of the starship "Cove", have far more knowledge regarding software companies and their predatory practices. As one who just washes the windows and fuels this starship, my exposure to MS has always been positive. Us guys on the ground just want our programs to run well and do what they say it will. Therefore, I could never say "Microsoft Sux". No fear of litigation here! :D

Al Dyer

Not written on MS Front Page, But:


I won't go to XP until I am dragged and kicking. There are few alternate choices and even now MS is almost in control of Apple!

Didn't they just release Office for Mac?


Fully vaccinated are you?
You don't have to go to XP - stay with what you have. I haven't even updated to OS X on the Mac and am on Win 98 on the peecee. Everything works - that's all I need. I still use Office 98 Mac and I have Office 2000. There have been two Mac releases since then and I guess a couple of peecee updates.

Steven Truchon

Fascinating! I was unaware the MS was extending their "influence" that far. I use FP for my website(s) and although I currently have no negative issues with MS, I couldnt see the need to broadcast any if I did, due to the nature of the sites I maintain. My concern on what I'll call censorship, is that if MS can control the degree of content in the use of their products purchased by the consumer, what comes next in a long line of this exercise? Profanity, religious expression, political alignment, etc, etc, etc. I want to doubt it would ever come to that but knowing MS I would not be shocked if it did.
Their condition as you have expressed it really brings out the rebel in me (haha).
Thanks for the information.
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