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Lucinda said:

Hey, we get four seasons!
The weather is definitely not boring in Texas!

Awwwww :( (Green with envy ) Lucinda... Randy... Don't do this to us...

We just had a cold spell, but right now its thawing - freezing -thawing - freezing.... over and over again. And the authorities insist on pouring out truckloads of salt on the roads. Let me tell you: It gets messy... Yuck!

Well.... Done complaining for now (I needed that).


Ken K

Gee Claes, they actually use salt on the roads in Sweden? I thought Wisconsin had the market covered on salt use. The county I work in uses the 1 - 1 rule. 1" of salt per 1" of snow. It's amazing how my black truck turns white after every snow fall.

Lucinda, sounds like Wisconsin weather is being exported to Texas. We go through that during all four seasons. I guess the only difference is during the winter it goes from -0 to a little above to the 30's back to -0.

We just wear the same clothes all year long...

Laura M


The news reported that we are "running out of salt" this year. Some towns are only salting hills and interectiions now. I would get the van washed but it's only been above 32 1 day since 1/1/03.


the weather outside is frightful ...

Greetings from the Sunny South, where "winter" happens on the first Tuesday in February ... :bigwave:

(Actually it's not quite that good, but it's a lot better than other places I have lived -- Ontario, Colorado, Maryland, Alaska.)

-- Graeme

Randy Stewart

Not another one!

Well I guess you did your time Graeme. Spent a little time in Kings Bay and Toccoa Falls GA. It was around Thanksgiving 8 or 9 years ago, I think. I could get the flight out of Detroit but I couldn't get to Atlanta, it was snowed in!!! I had to wait a couple days to get back. During the drive from Atlanta to Toccoa there was snow all over the side of the roads, some cars were still stuck. I miss those winters, you could ride your bike 10 months out of the year and not freeze. Although 40 & 50 sure felt chilly then. Now 40 degrees would feel like a heat wave.
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