Full Scale for Pressure and Vacuum Gauge


We have a digital Pressure / Vacuum Gauge with spec range: -14 psi to 100 psi. What is the Full Scale value for this instrument? 114 psi or 100 psi? The calibration report from the vendor indicated two different sets of tolerance (in the same report). We are confused with the FS value used in Pressure and Vacuum tolerance calculation. Is the FS used for Pressure and Vacuum is the same? Or FS used in Pressure tolerance is 100 psi and FS used in Vacuum is (-) 14 psi? Appreciate if you guys can enlighten me. Thanks

Pressure : +/-0.05% FS +/- 1LSD.
Vacuum : +/-0.25% FS +/- 1LSD

Full Scale for Pressure and Vacuum Gauge


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Good question!

Unless otherwise stated, Full Scale is from Zero to the extreme in either direction, so for this gauge Pressure would be 100 psi and Vacuum 14 psi.
The different accuracies in each direction would support that in this case.
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