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Our consultant requires us to create a "functional" Org Chart. We have an Org Chart, but he says I should condense it. Drop off the lower half or something. After requesting clarification from him, I thought "why not bounce it around at the Cove?" After all, he's just one person. Any ideas about what he wants?:confused: :smokin:


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Did the consultant say why you need a 'functional' flow chart and how it differs from a 'standard' org chart?

If you're a small company and one does what you need, why break it up? Larger companies typically have a hiearchy of organizational charts at least down to the departmental level.

It sounds to me like the consultant is expressing what s/he is comfortable with as opposed to what is actually required.



I thought so. Just checking. We contracted him about a year ago. You get what you pay for:eek: They wanted someone local and cheap:biglaugh: Thanks for the input. Keep you posted!:smokin:

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If after a year the consultant is starting to worry about an org chart...........................????????????????.

From your posts, sounds like you know more that the consultant does! Is he/she related to the President?

Good luck and if you need some help give me a yell and I'll hop on a plane.


Not his problem!


The consultant can only go as fast as we go. We haven't been responsive to his program. I know that. He knows that. They all no that.:biglaugh: So there's no problem! Smile and be happy!

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energy - just a few freindly questions - I'm confussed about..

Your paying him by the hour I presume ?? I'd bet he's real glad you are moving slowley :lick:

- Why is it "His Program??" (I fight that every day - (it's a personal thing) - "OUR program is "OURS" inclusive -- - not mine & certainly not our consultants).. :(

Is he implying your Organization - or your Organizational CHART is not functional?? :confused:

What we did with our ORG chart was to list by Job title only:
Top (Plant Manager)
Asst Mgr
Each Area Mgr

THEN - inserted a "catch-all" block at the bottom stating "XXX Operational & floor employees" (we move folks around so fast that it became cumbersome to keep updating how many folks - or what job titles reported to what area manager.

I do agree with Marc completley on this point tho - it's your organization - would think however you decided to do it would be acceptable...
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I've used functional org charts - if you mean an org chart with departments only - no names or specific titles? Sometimes in a small company they are easier to use when writing procedures because "engineering" may do a function, but the persons title may be "Office manager" that is functioning in an engineering capacity. The next day "accounting" matches PO's to pack slips - same "office manager" - but in a different role. Then responsibilities are defined in job desciptions. Is that where your consultant is heading? Then as you grow and actually have an "Accountant" - procedures are still accurate.

It can be a bit easier. Just today a client and I dismantled old procedures because they referred to a "purchasing manager" "admin manager" "general manger" all doing specific functions, when reality was any one of them was authorized to perform the functions. Small companies tend to cross over responsibilities a lot.

Anyway - is that what your cheap consultant is after?



Three Installments

He requires three installments. Basically, he visits once a month, in person for 12 months. The first is paid. The next time he gets the 2nd. He is with us for as long as it takes. We do a lot via e-mail with attachments. Each session results in "homework" assignments. They are all important pieces of ISO requirements. Like bad kids, we (they) don't do their home work or are very late with it. My stuff gets done ASAP. But, if they are waiting for me to do their assignments, guess again. My plate is full with OSHA issues and I could care less. I just CMOA!!:bigwave: Smile, be happy. I sent him my org chart and let's see what he does with it. Stay tuned:ko: :smokin:


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Our org. chart is typical with titles only and have had no problem from the registrar. I think an org. chart should be inverted with the preident at the bottom and have the title "employee" and "customers at the top. Believe it or not there are many companies that still do not realize the impertance of the customer and employee.


Org Chart Bruhaha

Im getting an arguement with the QM at our facitlity about whether an org chart should be more process oriented vs. the standard "org chart" top down....C.E.O, Plant Manager...I put the customer at the top of the scheme with the CEO at the bottom, but he said he wanted it more functional...I was going create a seperate process flow that showed the interactions between the Areas/Operating Procedures/ and the 5 parts of the standard....

Any comments...
C.S.:rolleyes: :bigwave: :thedeal:
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