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Funding for ISO14001 - Grant Money


Melissa K

funding for ISO14001/Grant money

I am looking for grants and funding for small buisness certification for ISO14001. Any information is greatly appreciated.


Captain Nice
Staff member
I've heard about state and local grants and have even done some training at companies which were repaid a certain per cent of what I charged but never did get any details. Maybe contact (I think it is) the Manufacturing Council of Michigan (or something like that). Maybe one of the others has an idea.


We get a state grant for the training that we do (regardless of what the training is for, whether it is QS related or not) from the state of Indiana. You can check with your states IRS and see if they offer anything like that. We get 50% of our training costs up to $50,000 a year for 3 years.

Al Dyer

I'm not sure about the ammounts and limits, but the same training incentive applies in Ohio, and I believe Michigan. Check out your local board of labor.


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