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Hi all,

We have a manufacturing process that once started cannot be stopped until the designed run is complete. Continuous monitoring of over 100 parameters are designed into the manufacturing line. We will occasionally have an instance when one of these monitored parameters may have an impact on customer requirements and will illicit the need for a quality technician to verify that a suspect area has not gone out of specification.

We currently have a form that the line operators use to alert the downstream quality techs. This form is titled "Nonconforming Alert".

We are making some improvements to the process of using this form and want to rename it so that the form alludes more to, additional inspection required, rather than, hey, we got junk here, find it! :mg:

Looking for some assistance wordsmithing the form's title.

Any ideas?



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FWIW, I think you answered your own question:

"Additional Inspection Required" sounds pretty good.

Other options:
- Reverification punch list
- Reverification Required
- Target Analysis Required
- Target Feature Analysis
- Hot Spots
- Focus Features
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