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B. Maynard

Thanks All for your input,
My theory is that all should be calbrated so that the mistake of a Non-Calabrated I/M/T would not end up in the QS-9000 area from Mold Making. I took the information to upper management and here was thier reply.

"If Cadmold was just a molder & not a moldmaker and we were going for QS9000, would the mold makers that we use be required to do gage calibration? No they would not!"

My Reaction
QS-9000 3rd edition states in Subcontractor Developement QS-9000 subcontractors should use Section #1 in the QS-9000 book as a basis for the funamental quality system .

So to end the topic I guess for now I will not calibrate the Mold Making Area gages.
Please answer do you totally agree with my final decision.
Again thanks for the Input!
The "Unnessary Evil Quality Control"


Well, let me sit on the fence for a minute

........ . . . . . . . . . .

Hmmmm. Yeah. Now - let's see what the registrar says. I DO hope you come back and let us know what happens!


I'm not so sure whether your company does making mold and does not want to include this section in QS9000 area. If it's so, you need not to do calibration in that section, even you should. However, you need to do incoming inspection for the mold you receive from mold maker to make sure that your good process, material, operators can produce good product by that good mold.


I would cocur with your first "theory"

"We will be audited in Dec. 1999 for initial QS-9000 Registration. We have approximate 300 gages of which 225 are used in the mold making area which is not part of our QS-9000. We are only going for QS in the Final Product Production from the molds."

The last sentence in your statement tells me that you would in effect be "purchasing" the product from the mold makers. I believe this would fall in the Catagory of the requirements of 4.6 or as some registrars require an "interface agreement" between departments/locations.
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