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Can anyone tell me where I can find websites for calibration software with free 30-day trial downloads?

Jerry Eldred

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That's a new one on me. I'll be interested to learn what is out there. I know some of the automation software has demo versions (Fluke METCAL, for example), but as to websites that offer that capability, I am not aware of any.

I'd recommend visiting some of the various major equipment vendor websites to see what may be available. And once you have tracked down some particulars, maybe giving them an old fashioned phone call.

National Instruments is also another that does a lot with automation. I know they have demo versions. But you may have to contact a sales rep.

You mentioned gage calibrations. Try perhaps some of the major gage manufacturers to see what they have. Unfortunately everything that is out there is not entirely on the internet yet. Sometimes the sizes of the software packages is a barrier (download times would be prohibitive). So until all of us get hooked up with RoadRunner (or similar) a lot of it won't be there.


Al Weisenborn

You can download TrackPro calibration and maintenance tracking software at Download TrackPro.

TrackPro is free when used to track 150 items or less.

Warning: Download is 12.6 Mb!

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