Gage R&R and External Laboratory Certification Requirements



Two questions:

1. Does a variable measurement gage that is used only to determine pass / fail, and is identified on the control plan, still require a gage r&r per QS 9000 element 4.11.4

2. What is the status on the requirement for external labs to be certified?

M Greenaway

If a gauge is being used to check an attribute you can still do an attribute study for your MSA.

and external labs must be approved to Guide 25, or its new ISO equivalent.

Laura M

Doesn't AIAG have an "OEM"-based approval process for labs now too? AIAG webpage has a listing of AIAG certified (?) labs.

Atul Khandekar


Could you elaborate on your first question please? Are you working with any tolerances (even one sided)? How do you determine pass/fail?

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