Gage R&R for Multiple Fixtures



Hi All,

I am conducting a Gage R&R on four different fixtures that are all measuring the same, single dimension. I took 30 parts and had 3 different operators measure them on each fixture but I think that is too many variables. The main purpose of the study is to see how closely each fixture measures the same part so that each company using the fixtures will be able to (theoretically) get the same numbers upon inspection.

Given your experience, what do you think would be the best way to conduct this study? I'm not too familiar with complex gage studies like this.

I am operating with Minitab 14 but could download a trial of 17 if that makes it easier.

Thank you in advance!


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Minitab 16 added an Expanded R&R Study that will allow you to add the fixtures into the study. And alternative, if the Operator impact is insignificant, is to replace the operators with the fixtures in a standard study.
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