Gage R&R on a Manual CMM


Al Cohen

Manual CMM Gauge R and R

Quality people!!

Has anybody carried out an R and R study on a manual CMM? Typically using tolerances of +/- 0.20 mm (0.007"). Would be very interested to find out what other labs have found....


Hi Al!

What means manual MMC?

Some kind of "Measuring Machine by Coordinates"?
I read some R&R reports of such a machine, but as far as I remember all of them are not manual...


Al Dyer

In a previous life we did have a manual CMM, and we put it through the regular R&R process. Our only concession was that we used 3 people that were trained on using the gage.

And all inspections took place in an environmentally controlled lab performing initial and final inspections only. No "on the floor" use.

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