Gage R&R on Digital indicators & Probes?? Is zeroing the gage prior to use OK?



We are trying to determine how to calibrate our digital indicators. Do we perform R&R or is zeroing the gage prior to each measurement sufficient for QS-9000??

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For QS9000 you may well need to do an MSA (R&R). But certainly these do need to be calibrated. You will see out-of-tolerance readings. If they are mounted on surface plates, even a small amount of contamination built up on the surface plate may be enough to cause out-of-tolerance readings.

The A to D converters in the digital indicators do have some amount of drift over time as well. And so there is the need to check and adjust as needed to assure accuracy.

Bottom line: Calibration is needed. R&R would be as necessitated by your product parameters (sounds like probably it is needed).



Calibration will definitely be required.

There is quite a likelyhood that many of such equipments will be included in some national/international standards.

MSA is for the measurement system which has a much wider implication than the mere gauge.

If these equipments are included in your control plan, MSA must be carried out.

Only exception can be availibility of a similar MSA study.



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