Gage R&R procedure for Torque Wrench Needed - ISO 6789 and ISO 5394

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Elberth Ardila Tabera

Does any of you know procedures of tools for torque tools?
Procedures for R&R and for capability process ?
Thanks for helping me.



I know two ISO standards that deal with torque wrenches: ISO 6789 and ISO 5394. If you work in the automotive industry (TIER 1), I recommend that you contact your customers and ask them for their internal procedures: they are specialist in tightening/joints and should have good intenal procedures.
R&R for torques must be made using a special device, because when you tighten twice a joint, the second time its properties have changed. Therefore, the difference between the first and second measurement doesn't reflect only the variation in the measuring equipment but also the variation in the joint.

Elberth Ardila Tabera

Thanks Vabe; I asked for the procedures to our customers, but they don´t know about it.
Here we have a problem because our customer (all automotive customer) Know less than us about all procedures, systems and the requiriment they have, I think it is the same around the world. The supplier had been devolopment the quality System more than the clients.
I'll show at ISO site for the standars you recommended me.
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