Gage R&R required on 6" rules, tape rules, verniers or micrometers?



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We, as a company have started to get involved with the automotive industry for our product. My understanding is that they as a customer require gage R and R studies. However, I am a little unclear as to what constitutes a gage? Would I have to carry out studies on such things as 6" rules, tape rules, verniers or micrometers?


Geoff Cotton

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Mic's and verniers and the like, if you are using them to assess product quality they need to be done.

Steel rules etc.... depends what you are using them for.

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M Greenaway

Note that the QS9000 manual on MSA studies, an excellent reference source, says common sense should prevail when conducting MSA studies, and may not be necessary on standard gauging.


Thanks for the replies gents. I think I will stick to the common sense approach!!!

Thank you for the invitation Geoff, I will definitely bear it in mind.


Atul Khandekar


First and foremost, as Martin suggested, you should get a copy of AIAG third edition MSA manual (if you haven't got it already) which explains R&R studies in a great detail.

Generally, Tape measures may not require extensive MSA studies. Refer the following thread:

MSA studies. R&R, Bias, Linearity & Stability, should be conducted on verniers and micrometers included in the control plan: subject to criticality of the characteristic being measured, customer's requirements etc etc...

Just do a forum search on R&R and you are sure to find wealth of info.
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