Gage R&R Study- Measuring a flexible part (compressed part)

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Hi all,

I am not sure if I chose the right forum, but here is my question:

We need to conduct a Gage R&R study with a flexible part. The part is compressed natural fiber and its size is about 50"x60". Just telling a number for better understanding. The print of this part shows GD&T and therefore a Datum Reference frame.

We are now in a discussion how to create a fixture, implement the Datum Reference frame, that holds the part in place to measure it with a portable measuring system.

I hope somebody will have some experience with flexible parts. Every comment is very welcome and it will definitely help for better understanding. Maybe there is a book or script out there, which explains such a situation.

Thanks in advance,


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Good luck. Depends on how flexible the part is. Anything contact/mechanical may cause problems. If you can use something non-contact, I would go with that.


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Free-state vs restrained-state is always a challenging problem. I've seen many a bent sheet metal part that when delivered could in no way be considered to meet print but worked just fine in the assembly. When the material has memory and that memory is not of the nominal state it was formed to you need to have flexible inspection criteria.

I would worry less about inspecting it to the print and more about developing a relationship with the customer/user that allows you to determine what the critical criteria for use are, and a clear understanding of what the ideal part characteristics are.
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