Gage R&R - Where am I going wrong? Part of a FAIR submission (Aerospace)


Can anyone help me with a Gage R&R query. Need to now what I'm doing wrong, bit of a virgin on this.
As part of a FAIR submission(Aerospace) we have to supply a Gage R&R study on a 0.5-0.38 Radius. The customer has rejected my report due to the following,
'The tolerance on the KC is 0.12, the discrimination/resolution of the instrument being used must be 1/10th or smaller of either process variability or specification limits. The studies you’ve submitted are showing zero to 0.05, & are not detecting any variation'.
Can any one tell/show me where I'm going wrong with my results. Attached my report and another R&R study for another part not submitted yet(2.1/1.9 Radius).

Many Thanks


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The problem is that your gage has insufficient resolution to see part variation. You can see this on your range graphs. The gage should be able to discriminate at least 5 distinct levels of resolution within the UCL for the range chart. In addition, < 25% of the ranges should be equal to zero. A gage with insufficient resolution can make your R&R appear to be much better than it actually is.
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