Gage R&R .xls spreadsheet in Excel that allows you to set up experiments


Dave W 2005

I'm introducing the concept of Gage RR to parts of our factory. I was hoping that somebody may have a program that they can email me that will run in Excel that allows you to setup experiments and analyse GageRR variable data?
I don't want to go to the expense of buying in purpose-made software so early in our evolution.

KenK - 2009

My advice - forget about Excel. Get a five user annual MINITAB license from Minitab ( and install it on your LAN. It will provide full access to excellent software and a great Gage R&R tool - - for everyone at your site!!!


I've attached an Excel worksheet for you to try.

You must:

1. Enter the number of operators, trials, and samples in the appropriate cells.

2. Enter the tolerance band ( ex: 1.4 - 1.2) = a tol. band of .2 in the Tolerance cell (put anything you want in the specs cell).
Remember to:

Protect the worksheet (tools\protect worksheet menu) after you add your company name.

Save the file as read only so you don't overwrite it.



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Pushkar - VC

Hi !

I am looking for a Gage R & R example for BPO forum. I have to initiate the calibration process for different processes. Can you help me with a sample of Gage R & R ?

Thank you,
Pushkar Charan


Dave I checked your profile and your working at airbus, i remember working briefly at british aerospace and came across I guy called lee moffit (or lee something or other). he has set up the entire gage r&r philosphy and measurement systems analysis at the site where they do the jsf. He's a very good enginer and knows his stuff, i cannot remember his number but i'm sure if you contacted the main reception they could pass his details on to you. Your part of the same company arnt you? Airbus and british aerospace? I think he as a internet site, I thikng its this one but it coud be another guy, though I’m not sure

He might be able to help you


think I might have spelt his name incorrectly by the way?

Pazuzu - 2009

Try this file Partcertall-6.06.xls at

Excuse my fecal language...but HOLY SH*T!!! I have never even dreamed of seeing so many templates, forms, diagrams, examples, etc...that are all EXACTLY what I am looking for!!

Since we became ISO registered in 1995 we have built a monster of a documentation system. My prime directive since taking over the quality function 3 years ago is to minimize it and simplify. This is going to be a massive help!

Thank you so much!


Its always good to hear someone so happy that they are full of *****! :cool:

Dave W, hope you ahve sorted your issues
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