Gage Simulator for a Pilot at RFS


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Hello Guys,
I have two question regarding a GD&T.
1. I have this drawing (attached) that has two pilots but one of them has an orientation tolerance at RFS (Regardless of Feature Size).
I have very clear how to build a Gage for inspecting this if that would be at MMC, but at RFS I just remember that needs to be contractible but I don't know is just from LMC to MMC to locate the size and then...Expand more according to the actual orientation error...??

2. At assembly level, the feature control frame calls out this Datum at MMB. So, to build my assembly Gage I would consider the MMC size + the perpendicularity tolerance even when at local level It has a perpendicularity is called out at RFS. Am I on the right track?

I hope you guys could help me.
Thanks in advance.


OmarEn :

1. As the element is external it must contract until it reaches the situation of RFS

2. You have to determine the MMB situation as you said: MMC plus perpendicularity tolerance

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