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Stability study

Our new Q.S. 9000 auditor wants to see all our gage studies. I can get all but the stability study. I guess what I need to know is, with my software (GAGEPACK 2000) does '' replications" mean to use the average R&R data from each appraiser or does it mean to use every measurement in the range of the gage. We use 3 appraisers and 10 parts through the range of the gage.This has got to be done on all our variable gages. What I am doing is R&R studies every 3 months and stability studies every 6 months. I just don't think I have everything right. Please help.

Atul Khandekar

Stability Study

Stability Study checks for the instrument's stability over a period of time. You need to take measurements much more frequently, say at least once a week or so and monitor with X-MR or XBar-R chart.

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