Gage type and data base maintainence

David Bartolini

Question: I want to edit the drop down selection for gage type, currently we have a data base that has multitudes of misspelled, all caps, or some other error names and we are trying to consolidate them. Where can I edit those attributes?

Eric Gasper

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Hi @David Bartolini

Welcome to Elsmar and great questions!

There are two main ways to edit field that have drop-downs, aka choice lists.
  1. Go to File - Settings, then Global collections - Choice lists
    You will see a list of all the fields that have drop-downs within your database. You can select one, in your case "Type", and then hit the Edit button on the right. On the new window you can add, remove, or rename items as you see fit. When done, hit OK and then Save on the Settings window.
  2. When you are viewing a Gage Card, you can double-click on the drop-down arrow and that will open the Choice List editor window for that particular field. This method is a bit faster than the first suggestion, in that you can modify the list(s) on the fly without needing to head to the Settings area.
If you have additional questions, please let our team know at [email protected]

David Bartolini

I got it, the shortened name in the global settings threw me off.
We have a lot of tidying up to do in the database and I was looking to minimize work. Thank you!
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