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Good morning folks,

I have been asked to put together a time tracking tool to monitor activities in the QC Lab that I manage. My boss and I are in a bit of a debate as to whether I need more resources or if my folks are just inefficient. :rolleyes:

I started with a Gantt Chart template. I made a list of tasks and have been able to build the chart almost to my satisfaction using dynamic labeling and formatting so I can associate each task with the lot number the tech was working on.

Where I am stuck is getting tasks that are done multiple times a day to combine into just one line on the chart, but display the duration multiple times during the day.

If you take a look a the "1st Shift" tab and the task "Chip Archives - Excel" you can see what I am talking about. I would like to just have one line on the chart but show that task was done at both 6:05 am and 8:44 am.

This will keep the chart to a row limit of however many different tasks there are and not be 100's of rows tall if the QC Tech is doing 10 of those tasks 10 times during the day for different lots.

Is this something I can do in Excel or am I going to have to switch to MS Project?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!


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we have something similar
but less sophisticated and not so in detail
maybe you can have a look and make something similar ?

best regards


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That is a brilliant approach! Conditional formatting cells based on the time rather than trying to chart. I love it and think I can adapt it to my purposes.

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