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GAP Analysis between IATF 16949 and VDA 6.3 wanted

Dear all,

we are using now IATF 16949 and will use the VDA 6.3 too. Please, do have somebody some GAP analysis between IATF and VDA 6.3? I know, that VDA 6.3 is a process audit, but what we must implement extra for the VDA 6.3, something what is in IATF not mentioned, but in VDA 6.3 is required.

Or if somebody have xperience how to manage IATF and VDA 6.3 together please write some remarks, recomendations... or observations during first time VDA 6.3 using in IATF 16949 company generally.

Thank you.

Dave Cx

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I'm in the same situation of undertaking process audit for 'some' products to VDA 6.3 audits whilst auditing overall to IATF. Certainly there is some repetition.

The rigidly defined VDA format certainly address IATF requirements but which ones? If anyone has a VDA clauses for IATF clause comparison?

Howard Atkins

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VDA 6.1 is the equivalent of IATF and a systems audit
VDA 6.3 is the audit of the manufacturing process audit

Equally AIAG have various CQI audits which are technical specific or GM have their own audits such as non conforming products.

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