Gap analysis Checklist - Software company planning to go for 9001:2000




#1. Mine is a Software company planning to go for 9001:2000 standards soon. I need a gap analysis checklist preferably suitable for a Software company. :rolleyes:

#2. Do I need to create procedures for General office Administration which covers Security, Safety, Front office administration, Access control? etc.
I am not sure how this is directly related to Product realisation?
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#1. The only gap analysis checklist I have is generalized not specific to Software companies. I believe it has been posted several times by different folks.

Please use the search feature in this program and check for both Gap Analysis and Software (seperate and then together) for the most useful information.

#2 This is up to what processes your company identifies as being part of the QMS. Usually if it can impact either the product or the customer it should be part of the QMS, otherwise it's purely your companies discretion.

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