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Gap Analysis for VDA 6.3:2010 and ISO/TS16949:2009


Captain Nice
Staff member
Good point, maggylu168. I would think TS 16949:2016 would be more appropriate.

Of course, the problem is finding one. Even finding one to purchase - I looked around for some comparison matrices of several standards and all the ones I could find that companies are selling are outdated. There are so many changes to quite a few standards in a relatively short amount of time that a lot of companies selling them are behind in getting their product(s) updated.

Hopefully someone has, or will, make on and share it here.

Howard Atkins

Forum Administrator
Staff member
You cant find TS 2016 as it is not yet in existence.

16 April 2016
The IATF completed a Stakeholder Conference in Rome, Italy on 12-13 April 2016. The conference was attended by 200 representatives of 44 IATF recognized certification bodies (including auditors), 41 global supplier companies, IATF member organizations, and witness auditors.

The purpose of the conference was to review the 1st revision of the IATF QMS standard and the proposed certification transition plan. The attendees provided valuable feedback on both items.

In the coming months, the IATF will be reviewing and dispositioning the feedback received from the stakeholders. The next step is to prepare for select pilot gap assessments at supplier sites in all regions.

Additionally, the IATF will be developing Certification Body auditor training and testing materials to ensure CB auditors are knowledgeable and qualified to begin the transition of certificates to the new standard in early 2017.

By the 3rd quarter 2016 the IATF national associations members will be announcing the availability of supplier training for the IATF QMS standard.

The certification transition plan is available by accessing the link below.

I find it difficult to see that they will manage to transfer all the companies in this time:bonk:

Again VDA 6.3 is NOT a standard for certification BUT a process audit checklist, so comparison is not brelevant
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