Gap Analysis of the AIAG's PPAP Manual 2nd vs. 3rd Edition


Marjie James

Many people have already concluded the gap ananlysis of 2nd to 3rd edition of PPAP. My company believes we are complying to the 3rd edition, but would like me to review.
Does anyone have a gap analysis of 2nd to 3rd edition?
Thank you
Marjie James

Marjie James

looking for AIAG gap ananlysis

Thank you for getting back with me. I have sone a search before asking the question. I had found a link to a gap ananysis on the AIAG page. Unfortunatly it is no longer there on the page. Does anyone still have a copy?


Fully vaccinated are you?
I haven't seen or done a 'gap analysis' between the second and third edition, but I have a copy of each here. There's more detail but a lot is customer specific requirements ejected from QS-9000:1995 version. There are more forms and examples. But - to me PPAP is integral with the APQP manual. That is to say, very early in your APQP process you should be defining what your submission will be. Get early agreement with the customer SQA on their expectations. I say this because the the variability in industries --> variability in requirements.

To bring this together as a whole, I'd use something like the spreadsheets Ford has on it's supplier network or other similar 'APQP Process' spreadsheet. They have APQP and PPAP check lists built in. I think the most circulated has been Partcertall-6.06.xls which is free in the 'old pdf_files' directory.

There are several others in the 'Members access' and 'Premium access' directories as I remember -

Or - if someone has one they can attach a copy in a reply in this thread.

This will all soon be a memory, to a large degree, as all the automotives are moving to 'supplier networks' (ASP's such as the Chrysler-Powerway requirement). Everything will be input via the internet.

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