Gauge CAD certification to Part CAD vs. Gauge certification to Part CAD



Please help.
We are a plastic fascia supplier.
Two of our variants have chrome accents.
The Chrome is in specification but is not fitting as the customer would like.
We have provided the suppliers measurements showing in spec.
Our measurements showing in spec.
Gauge certification of the gauges.
We have requested from the supplier an overlay of the part CAD on the gauge CAD.
Our customer is asking for the following:

Gauge CAD certification to Part CAD.
Gauge certification to Part CAD.

I am unsure of the difference in the requests so any enlightenment is welcome.
I have requested the overlay as that is what I think he is requesting.

Thank you in advance.


Gauge CAD to Part CAD: He wants you to do a CAD overlay of your gage design to (I assume) his provided part CAD so he can see how your gage design fits to his part.

Gauge Certification to Part CAD: So you've built the gage, you should have a certification measurement of what the gage actually IS back to your gage design. What your customer wants is to see the Gauge Certification (what the gage actually is) overlaid to the PART CAD - his design.

(That's an odd request, but that's how I interpret it.)
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