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Hopefully this is an appropriate area to ask this - if not please relocate to a more suitable area.

Being the hardworking dedicated and savings-oriented employee that I am :sarcasm:, I have jumped whole-heartedly into the company continuous improvement program, and have submitted a suggestion that we adopt a set of basic gauge design standards, so that we don't ALWAYS have to reinvent the wheel when we start a new program.

I have seen these before, containing information on materials, error-proofing devices, safety interlocks (if appropriate), ergonomic factors, etc etc. However, I am unable to actually LOCATE one anywhere to use as a reference guide.

Does anyone here have something similar to this that they would be willing to share? Since I made the suggestion, it will (of course) be ME that gets saddled with the responsibility of creating the damm thing :nopity: and so I might as well get a jump on it.

Thanks in advance.


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Is this for hard gauging, measurement devices, any specific type?

This presentation offers guidelines for hard functional gauges. This is another functional gauge standard.
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Thanks Miner. This is (ideally) going to be a catch-all standard for hard gauging, measurement devices, fixturing, etc. As much as I can catch under this umbrella.
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