Gauge R&R for Profilometer


Can anyone please suggest me a method for performing a Gauge R&R study on a profilometer? I am not exactly sure how this will work since taking repeated measurements on the same surface using a profilometer will always yield different results. Each time the probe makes contact with the surface of the part, it will leave a perceptible scratch mark on the surface of the part changing its surface geometry.
Also, is Gauge R&R the best way to measure the capability of a profilometer or are there any other methods of assessing its capability?
All suggestions or prior experience with similar studies will be appreciated.

Thank you


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What is the property of the sample you are interested in? Is it the 1D profile itself or is it a micro roughness value. Also, the samples are often rather homogeneous and large enough so that it is possible to take several measurements per sample without measuring the previous scratches. Also using fits to remove offsets and tilts might be necessary.
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