GCC Submissions - Average review time for SGH qualification files

Thanks Marc.

GCC - Gulf Co-operation Council - includes six GCC member states: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi and the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

I believe Yemen is also a member, although Yemen wasn't included in this particular submission.

SGH - This is a reference for the Tender and as soon as I've worked it out I'll get back to you. :agree1:
I've managed to find out the following.

The qualification file was submitted to the authorities during July.
Most manufacturers files are rejected, but mine wasn't.
There have been no questions asked on the content of the submission, so I'm guessing there aren't any.
There has been a request for an on site audit four months after the submission date. I don't know if the authorities are auditing, or the customer.

Once I find out anymore I'll update this post.


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We all appreciate the update, JOanne. It appears you're an "advanced explorer" in this since no one has commented.
FYI It's been a while ...the GCC auditors came to inspect the site and a few years later the manufacturer is expanding yet again!

A valuable tool for anyone who wants to enter the Gulf States with a single application.

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