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Here I am in Gdansk. Yesterday visited the Maritime Museum, The Amber Museum and the Wikipedia reference-linkSolidarnosc Museum.

This is near the gate 2 of the shipyards where the action started and the monument of the killed shipyard workers.

The Solidarity Museum was very impressive in its organization and included the pen that Wikipedia reference-linkLech_Wałęsa used to sign the August Agreements 1980-08-31 and the original boards on which the the 20 demands were written.

This reminded me of the past and the actions of the various "revolutionary " groups in England in the sixties when I was at school and the Socialist Worker a group believing in Wikipedia reference-linkTrotskyism tried to recruit the school children by inviting us to seee the Battleship Potemkin. More damage was done at the filming of this than in the actual storming of the winter palace.
The luxury of this argument when the workers in the soviet block were being downtrodden literally or the actors and writers in the USA were sacked.

We had a strike at university cause a Marxist English Lecturer was accused of teaching Victorian literature with a Marxist slant!!!!
Oh the good old days when it was better to be a colour and not dead.

I then went to a shopping centre, there I was seen by someone from the plant I was going to audit.

It is snowing very lightly for a few minutes at a time, nothing serious but this is more snow than I have seen in normal surroundings for a very long time
I might keep you informed
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