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In this day and age, should that be a problem?

Your feedback is appreciated.
Anyone who divulge that type of information on posts, does so at their own risk. Personally, I am against it because it clutters the post and will incentivize people to do do shameless self promotion.

Nevertheless, my main concern is the fact that it violates the current ToS.

Your web site url, telephone number, company name and your product can and may be put in your Profile. They are not allowed in posts you make.
So, in my view, as long as the ToS does not allow it, it should be banned.
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I am reviewing the current TOS. I am also comparing to TOS's at various websites.

The internet has changed over the years and I'm looking at current trends.

Other than a couple of posts recently, we haven't had a problem with people putting their phone number and/or other personal information in posts.

Just to remind, every moderator can edit such information out of any post. Personally I would like moderators to act, and in my case I will probably put in a link to that person's profile here. I know it takes a minute to look it up and put the link in, but it's not really a significant chore.

I have to say that I rarely read a website ToS because they're all pretty much the same. I'm sure many visitors do not read the TOS here even though it is technically required when registering.

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