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General Guidelines on how to start a Quality Campaign


Muhd Firdaus

Good day to everyone.
I am Muhd Firdaus from Malaysia. My company don't have any Quality Department yet. However,my boss requested me to initiate Quality Campaign Need all of you support as to give me idea on how to start this.

Some general info about my company

Employee :33 people

(All foreigner,poor ,already giving internal training but fail to make them understand. Purpose of Quality campaign is to make them have quality awareness.

Please provide me general Guideline on how to start it. I am planning to have a campaign for atleast 3 months.Please provide me some material,checksheets or any simple reference as for me to start it from A to Z. Please provide me step by step guidance. Tq

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Staff member
Re: Quality Campaignt

Good day Muhd,

I have some questions.

What does your organization produce?

Do you have processes and work instructions in place to ensure work is done consistently and accurately at all times?

Do you use equipment that is maintained and/or calibrated to ensure its maximum practical availability and reliability?

Do your employees always have all of the correct tools, proper materials and accurate specifications with which to produce their product correctly the first time?

Do your employees know exactly what is expected of them, how they can know if things are going well or not, and have prompt and effective recourse if and when needed?

If the answer to all of these questions is "Yes" then I can recommend many attachments for raising employee awareness; I did a search in the Post Attachments List (see the green button in the header) using the key word "employee."

But if the answer to any of my questions was "No" then I suggest, unless I misunderstood you, to first put in place the systemic structure and then approach employees with a campaign.

I hope this helps!
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