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Okay, people, I have searched the site and haven't found much on general training issues - time to open things up.

4.18: ..."Personnel performing specific tasks shall be qualified on the basis of appropriate education, training and/or experience, as required."

Whew! Here's the question that I hope will spark some sort of response:

What about a workforce that doesn't speak/read/write English as their first language?

I'm not a bilingual MQR, so how would I maintain document and data control? How would documents not written in Englsh be properly reviewed and approved?

Come on, now, there's gotta some people who have had to deal with this at one point or another!

How about some feedback?

Jim Biz

Appears to me that qualification acceptance criteria would need to include:

1) hiring of all personnel - educated in or trained to include english languages within a reasonable timeframe.


2) MRQ hiring criteria - to include bi-lingual education/training.

Without this - very little could be done to "Clearly define" any task?
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