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German university degree Magister



Hello vj people!

My US fianc? and I have a k1 petition running. We are not at NOA2 stage yet, only three months into the waiting peiod, but I am starting to prepare for everything that I might need when I move to the States. One of the things that I wonder about is my German university degree. I have studied English and media / communications and after having written a thesis and passed all the exams, have received a Magister Artium degree. I have tried the forum search, but I only found old topics, so I started a new thread. Everywhere I am reading that people had their university degrees evaluated. My question is where can you do that and is it needed anyway? Would a certified / notarized translation of my degree suffice for the US? Do universities do that for you? Also, I wonder what kind of status my German degree puts me into. We do have the bachelor / master system in Germany now, but my degree went according to the old system of Magister Artium / Diplom, both with an intermediate exam that I would somehow equal to a bachelor. I understand that my degree would be something like a bachelor with thesis or a master, but I am not even sure of that ... And I am not sure if I will need it, cause I have been working for 7 years now, and maybe my work experience would be more valuable than my degree, but you never know.

Any help or info is appreciated. Thanks a lot!
It all depends on the occupation you intend to work at.

If you intend to teach, the individual university or school system would have a specific protocol for evaluating whether your degree would provide sufficient credentials.

For almost every other career path in the USA, if the job requirement includes "college degree" yours would suffice, except in cases where certain firms are seeking people with Masters of Business Administration degrees from accredited American Universities, although I am aware some of those consider a degree from the London School of Economics equal to most and superior to many US institutions.

Most job opportunities would probably weigh most heavily on your experience and the ultimate criterion:
What value can you offer the organization?
and, secondarily:
Will your personality fit in with the people with whom you will work?

Just curious - What was the title/subject of your thesis?
I hadn't realized the waiting period for the [approval letter] 2nd Notice of Action (NOA2) was so long, plus at least another month of administrative folderol AFTER the NOA2 before you finally have the visa in hand.

It makes me wonder if there is a way around such a long wait. I wonder if a prospective spouse could have come to the USA on a tourist visa, gotten married in a "whirlwind romance" and then wanted to remain - would US rules allow remaining in the US while permanent residency visa was arranged?

Is the time table equally onerous for a foreign spouse (and any children?) married to a US citizen for filing K2 and K3 petitions before receiving NOA2?

Murphys Law

The one thing about the focus on the degree is normally if you are coming in under an employment visa, and the company has to prove the degree is equivalent to US but with the help of an immigration lawyer.

With a K1, you are not being employer sponsored but I don't know what it means about your eligibility to work either prior to getting married. I don't think you'd be eligable since it is a 'marriage' visa. Once you are married and then get permanent residency, you can work.

As for decoding a non-technical qualification, I don't think a quality discussion board can guide you here. Maybe a German Expat site would be better- Alles Klar?
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