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James the Geek

My boss is constantly asking me to look for things on the Internet pertaining to QS-9000 certification. It seems that I never actually find what he's looking for. He wants to know how our company can be QS-9000 certified. Please help set us in the right direction.
James the Geek

Laura M

Sounds like you are really starting at the beginning. The simple answer is you need to implement all the requirements of QS-9000, hire a 3rd party registrar, get audited, "pass" the audit, and receive a certificate from your registrar. Start by buying the manuals from AIAG 1-248-358-3003.

Sounds like someone should attend a course or 2.

In second thought. REad the TS16949 forum, and if you are just getting started - skip QS and go for TS.

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Dear Mr. Geek,

We can probably be more help. Call the AIAG (nobody in the QS or ISO world goes by a name, it's all initials, honestly!). Their number is 248 358 3003. Order the book "Quality System Requirements, QS-9000". It is not expensive ($15 - $20) and they will take your credit card.

When you get the book, read it , especially Section one. (A direct answer to your question "What do I have to do ....." is comply with EVERY statement that contains the word "shall" or "should")

If all that stuff, or most of it, sounds like something your company is now doing, you're probably in good shape. If it reads like an old french novel, you probably need some help.

I'd love to do so, as that is what I do for a living, along with Mark and others on this forum. But I'm in Chicago and you probably need someone in your area.

Call the ASQ in Milwaukee (800) 248 1946 and ask for the name of the Section Chair of your local ASQ section. Cal her/him and ask if there are members of the section that assist companies get registered to QS-9000. Try to get at least three names.

I think you can figure it out from here, if not come back to the forum and we'll try to help some more.

Good hunting
Dave Taylor

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