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Getting QS-9000 Registered


Al Dyer


Can I go with you? I haven't been to Ontario for some time and I work for scale!



Captain Nice
Staff member
My last client in Canada was in British Columbia in the winter. I would have preferred to have been there in the summer or at least on vacation. The land where rental cars are left running in winter and airplanes have 10 seats or less.

Al Dyer


Kudos, and you are on the mark about Northern Canada (please no remarks from Canadian members, it is cold up there!)

The type of situation described does call for some type of help to get a fresh set of eyes on the condition of the process, the dollars invested are well worth the value.


Al Dyer


What level of committment is there from top management?

Why did they fail in the past? In my experience, if there is a nonconformity it can be rectified.

Do you have the records of why the company failed during the first try and decided not to go forward with corrective actions? (both internal and external)

What happened to the past coordinator? Was he/she fired bacause the company failed on their first attempt?

I ask these questions only to further clarify your original question and to hopefully answer in a more specific manner.

You mention 2nd and 3rd party audits, could you expand on that situation?



getting QS 9000 registration

I got hired as a QS9000 coordinator in a paint(ecoat) facility(tier 2 and 3 supplier) somewhere southwestern ontario. The company tried unsuccesfully to be qs certified 3 years ago, my job is to get this company ready for another second and third party audit. I started updating all the quality documentations and have reviewed the past audit records to learn from them.
Still with all these preparations i'm still skeptical on the level of preparedness before the actual audit.
Any suggestions on how to prepare a company for the third party audit, aside from those i mentioned. Any suggestion will be appreciated...thanks



Darwinbb - Unless you have been through this before and are extremly confident in putting this together you need to get someone like Marc to help. He can do a gap analysis (or pre-pre) to let you know how close you are and where you need to brace up the system before you go down the same path the company tried. It is sort of like a QS audit with Mulligans. Well worth the money, especially if the company has already failed once. IMO.
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