Getting ready for Boeing's AC7130 requirement for suppliers using a CMM


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I am working on getting our company ready for Boeing's AC7130 requirement for suppliers using a CMM.

I have obtained the checklists (AC7130/1/3)and available handbooks but I have not seen anything that points to a specification. My problem with this is that a chunk of the questions seem to be subjective based on the specification being audited to. That being said, I have only had a limited amount of exposure to NADCAP and that may be the way it is. On the Boeing side I haven't been able to get anyone to give me an answer specifically on what I need to reference other than the DPD/MBD doc.

Have any of y'all had experience with the AC7130 cert process? If so, what helpful tips could you give me. I really appreciate any help you guys and gals can provide.

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A quick "Bump". My Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this one.


I would start with the Nadcap Staff Engineer for the AC 7130 checklists. Looking at the 'contact us' page in the SE is listed as Dave Marcyjanik. Either e-mail him or better still, give him a call - he will know what the expectation of the Task Group is.

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In case you haven't received help from Boeing, the document I suspect you need is D6-51991. Boeing documents of the “D6-“ type usually are only available from Boeing Supplier management (the buyer). This one is available on the (public) Boeing website. Click ‘Suppliers’ in the upper R/H corner, then ‘Supplier Quality”, then “Digital Product Definition,” then click on “D6-51991 Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition at Boeing Suppliers (pdf)”
I also suspect you may have fun with NADCAP on “best-fit” alignments, Product Acceptance Software (PAS) verification requirements, Probe Calibration requirements, Stability (drift point analysis), Data Collection Parameters (point density requirements), data point maps, and Temperature Compensation if you inspection areas are not controlled.
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