Giant thanks to Marc and all the Covers! ISO Upgrade with Zero NCs!



Great BIG Thanks to Marc for this site and all the covers who have posted as well as given personal help/samples/suggestions (especially R.O.).

We just finished our ISO UPgrade 94-2000 with ZERO NCs and two minor OFI. Our auditor were impressed with our system, documentation, training, records, and the fact that our procedures and audit program was designed around OUR needs not ISO's.

Thanks all! I'll still be here as things and questions come up!
If I was a drinking man, I'd be sh*tfaced happy drunk tonite! :)

Jimmy Olson

Congrats Bob. Now go home and relax in your new theater and I'll have a beer for you tonight :vfunny:


Fully vaccinated are you?
Congratulations! I have experienced the zero NCs with several clients and know, even from my perspective, it was thrilling!

Pat YOURSELF on the back! :smokin:


Thanks ALL!

Richard - Go ahead and have that beer for me!
Thanks Carol.
Marc we were a little suprise with ZERO NC's but at the same time we've worked really hard to make our QMS work for US! (We had ALOT of work to FIX our half-arse system that was built just to appease the '94 standard - Different QM). Actually most of the work was on paper and not really in the production areas. Thankfully!
Claes - I want to stick around so I don't loose my edge as well as help new people like me. I can't believe how much I've learned / done in just a year!
Thanks everyone else. I was feeling good last night and got praises from my boss (rather rare around here). Of course I'm sick again. Time to go to the doctor. I was sick for 3 weeks in Sept/Oct! :(

We were actually audited by Kevin Linden who I learned from our second auditor was one of the original Brit that came over to help set up BSI Americas. The fact that they were impressed with several areas of our small business made me feel real good. Everyone here should be proud of themselves for being so helpful and willing to share experience and samples!

Thanks again!
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