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Mary Hartman

I turned on 'thumbnail views' and found that a number of .gif files did not render in the post they're in. If you find a picture in a thread which shows up as a 'placeholder' box instead of a picture, please use the Report This Thread link on that post so that I can fix it.

Please also use this thread to discuss or to let me know of any you find.
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Testing Feature

Testing .gif attachment with animated gif. 49.3k in size.

Does not appear to work with animated .gifs in thumbnail view...
Just a black box.

Lets try somethinge else... Appears to work with a standard .jpg.


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Fully vaccinated are you?
I've only noticed it with gif files, but I don't know why yet. I checked the permissions and mime types for gifs and rebuilt the thumbnail database, so I'm at a loss.

Not a big deal, right now, because you can click the image box and the image comes up in a new window (or does for me).

I am looking into what the cause may be.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Well, right now there are a lot of things happening. The folks from vB came to troubleshoot (My many thanks to Freddie) and when I saw he was gone (or appeared to be) I shut down the forums (there was no one 'online' that I could see but me) I 'upgraded' to beta v4.

If Freddie (from vB) changes something, I assume he'll let me know. Right now I'm as blind as you as to exactly what is happening.

Whatever Freddie did, it appears he fixed the problem.

I have to admit I REALLY like this feature of this version of the software!


energy said:
Not being funny here. Don't gif files usually animate? :eek: :smokin:
Most currently used .gifs are animated now a days.
Gifs pre-date .jpg but are less compress and can use less colors.
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