Give it to me straight - We are going to fail our TS 16949 Re-Certification Audit


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I hope you feel OK now that your anxieties are over and you follow all the advices of the SME. Two months ago we had our TS16949 surveillance audit and for the first time since the implementation, 5 majors and few minors were uncovered. Well to make the long story short, our certificate was suspended until we responded with corrective actions (10 days) and the auditor came back to verify that our corrective action was effective and met the TS standard. The anxiety was there but now the certificate is back in our possession. The IAOB and the rule#4 has something to do with the difficulty in passing TS.

How do you end up with 5 majors on a surveillance audit?


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It is not good to **** the Auditor. We are OK now. Our Quality System hs and has been working. As a mediator I had to do some intervention to have all these Corrective Actions accepted. So my comment: failing a TS audit is not the end of the world. there are 110 days to have the certificate out of temporary suspension. The upside: Management is not committed.
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