GM and TS 16949

Howard Atkins

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For your information
"General Motors ISO TS/16949 Customer-Specific Requirements "
......Certification to ISO/TS 16949, including the requirements in this document, by a GM-recognized certification body using an automotive registration scheme recognized by General Motors may satisfy General Motors' requirement for QS-9000 third party registration.
for the full document go to ****DEAD LINK REMOVED ***
There are also most of the GM procedures here.

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Roger Eastin

Howard - from what document are you quoting? Is this a memo from GM that you received? By the way, one of the big holes in the TS16949 standard has been an audit registration scheme. I take GM's stance to mean that a company can use the QS9K registration scheme? Also, do the GM procedures contain GM-specific requirements? (I'll check out the website that you posted - but if you have a quick synopsis of this, I would appreciate it.)

Roger Eastin

Thanks, guys! I checked out this site and it was very interesting. There is a lot said here and some that is hinted at, but not clear. For instance, it speaks of a GM-approved certification scheme for ISO16949, but I don't know what that means. Is there another GM document that speaks to that need? I am not a direct supplier to GM, so I am not familiar with all of their documents!

Roger Eastin

Although GM (per this letter) does not require you to change from QS9K to ISO16949, they "strongly recommend" that you upgrade to it during your next surveillance. I think this is GM's way of saying, "DO IT!!"

Christian Lupo

Yeah Roger I agree it's a do it rather than a recommendation. however I don't think the urgency is that great yet. They did not give a "drop dead" date like thay did with QS. I think they will be tolerant of QS for a while, QS is the standard of the B3 and they do not want it to die for political reasons (to save face!). I also think they are a little worried about the strong German influence in TS.
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